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Complete and simple comprehensive insurance for pet animal charity, voluntary and not for profit organisations


This proposal: provides a comprehensive package of insurance which should completely cover the requirements of canine societies and training clubs. The basic policy protects the committee in the event of a claim from their own members, from exhibitors and casual or voluntary helpers in relation to the event/s and members of the public who are affected by the activities of the association. The cover can be increased or extended to include almost any requirement from abandonment to personal accident and trophy insurance.


Showsurance: Is a special policy created and administered by R.T.C. Associates underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance through FSA authorised brokers Graham Sykes . It was established in 1980 and insures many of the UK's largest shows. R.T.C. Associates' specialist knowledge of the risks involved in the organisation and administration of pet animal related shows and societies have enabled a unique and competitive cover to be negotiated with Underwriters.


Basic cover: demanded by the Kennel Club and other governing bodies is that any registered society should ensure that the legal liability of the insured arising out of all its activities up to £2,%00,000 against the committee should be fully met. With Showsurance this minimum requirement is extended to claims arising from foods, drink or poisoning where the committee takes responsibility for the provision of food. It should be emphasised that the event premium covers any activity the society undertakes throughout the year on behalf of its members from committee meetings, seminars and fund raising as well as the running of dog shows. However, it does not cover responsibility for re-homing activities although we would be pleased to discuss an extension for this activity

Extended and increased cover: Provision is made to extend the basic cover (including public liability to £5m)  by completing those extra sections on the proposal form. The fee structure has been kept as simple as possible and most premiums are dependent entirely on the amount of cover required and/or the time scale involved. Some organisations require societies to indemnify them against claims. Showsurance includes this cover without charge and will specify the organisation on the Certificate of Insurance.

Taking out Showsurance: is quite simple and only requires the completion of the attached proposal by one of the officers of the society. In most cases, Cover is granted on receipt of the proposal form and the premium and an Insurance Certificate is forwarded within 28 days. Most sections attract excess, which is set out in the Terms and Conditions accompanying this Proposal Form.


Terms and Conditions: For Full Terms and Conditions please click on this link

Just click on this link for the application form

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