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Showsurance 'small gazebo' public liability insurance

Designed for those using temporary gazebos at dog shows (Max size 3m x3m)

You should check your Home Insurance details before taking out this cover. It may not be necessary as many insurers will cover your public liability for leisure activities away from home.

Showsurance has arranged this cover through our Brokers to be as simple and inexpensive as possible so it is restricted to small gazebos (max 3m x 3m) used at dog shows  Other events and places are not covered.

Completing and submitting this application confirms that

  • you and those helping you erect the gazebo/s will all be over 18

  • you carefully follow the manufacturers instructions as to the safe and secure erection of the gazebo

  • you observe the recommended weather/wind restrictions in its use.

  • you follow the guidence and instructions of the show society


If you camp or caravan at dog shows you will need specialist, separate cover.

Basic cover is for one year from the date of acceptance.

Click here for the application form

It is restricted to Third Party Public Liability .


Any property you take to the show, including your dogs, should be insured through your Home Insurance or specialist provider

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