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Heath and Safety - Hazard Record

Adapt and modify depending on the circumstance of your event

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It is easy to say - 'Oh, it's just health and safety' but H&S and the identification and recognition of hazards have significantly reduced the number of accidents in Britain and this is true of dog shows too.

All schedules should include the following text in their schedules and catalogues:

Health and Safety: A nominated Safety Officer will be in attendance throughout the show. Exhibitors and spectators are reminded that just as (insert name of show) has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all those attending their event, all those present have a duty and responsibility for their own safety. They are therefore expected to take the greatest care to avoid guy ropes, uneven surfaces and other hazards which are inevitable and integral elements of a dog show. Those bringing and using portable items of equipment such as folding chairs, trolleys, cages and grooming tables also have a responsibility to ensure that their tools, equipment and furniture is used and erected safely and does not constitute a hazard to others. Exhibitors are also reminded that they should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the prevailing conditions on the site. Exhibitors show at their own risk and if they consider conditions are not ideal or are unsafe they may withdraw their dog/s from classes.

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